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Tradition is preserved progress, progress is continued tradition
(Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker)

Tradition and progress – both is in the focus of Christof Döring. The brand Christof Döring stands for a broad product range of high quality brush handles for manufacturer of Fine Arts and Cosmetic handles.

The company was established in the year 1871 and has – still family-owned – established as a modern, medium-sized, international acting company.

Döring´s high standard is reflected in the corporate philosophy which is based on high product quality, a good cost/performance ratio as well as reliability for customers and suppliers. Individual customer support by the owner Mr. Jörg Muscat as well as short delivery terms are a matter of course for the company and build the foundation for excellent, long-lasting and personal customer relations in national and international surroundings since 145 years.

Managing Director Jörg Muscat
Christof Döring
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