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The company Christof Döring GmbH
The company Christof Döring is a German manufacturer of wooden brush handles which enjoys a long tradition. In 1871, a small crafts enterprise was founded in Lauf near the river Pegnitz. From the beginning, the enterprise specialised on the processing of home-grown wood into high quality brush handles and therefore could establish great know-how in this area.

This product know-how, modern production methods and the personal engagement of the owner family have turned Christof Döring into an internationally successful global player.

Today, the organization is run by the sixth generation Managing Director Mr. Jörg Muscat.

Due to an expansion, the brush handle manufacturer had to find a new location in 1990. Christof Döring stayed in the region “Nuremberger Land” and now is based in industrial area Speikern near the town Lauf. There, a state-of-the-art production facility was built where the company now employs qualified and experienced skilled workers for the manufacturing of wooden brush handles for art and cosmetic supplies.


Present Production Facility

Present Production Facility

Christof Döring
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